Repro mobile app growth support services


Repro is installed in mobile apps all over the world.
Broad range of businesses and its scales.

Have these issues happened to you after releasing your app?

“My advertising strategy is not effective.” “We don’t have enough expertise in ASO.” “We don’t have a proper PDCA cycle in place for refining our app.”

Repro is here to support the successful growth of your app.

Ad trafficking services

Repro’s mobile app growth support tools employ ad identifiers for effective targeting. In addition, the speedy testing of creative content allows for capturing quality users at low cost.

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ASO services

Repro studies the latest trends in ASO to launch an ad search strategy tailored to your app. This allows your app to rise in the search rankings and lets you secure organic users.

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In-app marketing support services

We begin by designing KPIs for your app and proposing the best segment and means of approach, as well as timing of distribution of content and other fine-grained details. We are also equipped to support your app from the vantage points of implementation of strategy on through to reporting.

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Reporting services

We design a suite of reports that include KPIs for customized reporting and deliver you reports that enable you to find outstanding issues. In addition, we go beyond standalone reporting and identify explicit issues based on the data.

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We create a customized growth support strategy tailored to your needs.

Repro’s growth support service offers a fully-customized suite of solutions tailored to your business and app. Please do not hesitate to contact us.