Gain high-quality users through Repro’s ad trafficking service

Efficient ad trafficking lets you secure quality users at low cost


Repro is installed in mobile apps all over the world.
Broad range of businesses and its scales.

Trying to gain users for your app and facing the issues below?

“We are increasing our ad spend, but we aren’t getting many new users.” “We want to optimize our creative content towards driving new users, but we lack the expertise and resources.”

Repro’s ad trafficking team resolves your customer-attraction issues.

Use of ad identifiers to improve targeting

Repro’s mobile app growth support tools make use of ad identifiers for better targeting. Expanded targeting through ad identifiers allows you to secure new users, serve ads for reengagement, and more effectively use your ad spend.

Use of ROAS advertising to improve return on your ad spend

Repro does not rely on simple metrics like standalone user acquisition or engagement, but rather utilizes a return on advertising spend (ROAS) approach to comprehensively evaluate whether your advertising is driving a return on investment.

Creating and testing of a range of creative content

Mobile app advertising hinges on the use of images and video, so proper testing of creative content lets you maximize your ad spend. Utilizing a rich range of ideas on creative content and a robust team, we rapidly test and analyze the performance of different creative approaches.

Providing tailored ad management services for your needs.

Repro’s advertising management services offer a fully-customized suite of solutions tailored to your business and app. Please do not hesitate to contact us.