Speeding up the success of your app Repro in-app marketing support services

We support you by creating KPIs, proposing and then implementing in-app marketing strategies, and offering ongoing reporting services.


Repro is installed in mobile apps all over the world.
Broad range of businesses and its scales.

Have these issues happened to you when using in-app marketing?

“We don’t know KPIs to use for our in-app marketing.” “What sort of push notifications should I use?” “We lack the resources to launch in-app marketing.”

Repro’s experienced in-app marketing team supports the growth of your app.

Support in designing KPIs as a locus for growth

Successfully growing your app through in-app marketing hinges on setting proper KPIs. We delineate your firm’s business and objectives for the app and create KPIs tailored to them.

Abundant expertise and strategy to offer

Repro has abundant expertise from past projects in successfully using push notifications and in-app messages to support app growth. We propose a set of optimized strategies for your app based on the right segment to target, how to approach them, and what timing to use when pushing content.

Creation of in-app marketing strategy and reporting

After proposing what in-app marketing strategy to use, Repro is equipped to then implement it and test it for you. As KPIs change and as we perform ongoing A/B testing, we deliver reports on our findings.

Case studies

Golf Network+ is a golf score tracking app that was struggling to find a route to monetization, so they deployed Repro’s in-app marketing support services. We pitched the benefits to purchasing paid in-app content through messages, increasing the rate of paying users. Periodic push notifications were used to increase ongoing use by 5-10% and stop churn.

Comic Ess, a free comic book app for women, had succeeded in gaining new users, but they struggled with churn. Repro came to their aid with its in-app marketing support services. In just two months, we drilled down to the best way of using push notifications for the app and improved ongoing use by over 5%.

We provide in-app marketing support services tailored to your app.

Repro’s suite of in-app marketing support services are customized to your app’s issues and future goals. Please do not hesitate to contact us.