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Repro is installed in mobile apps all over the world.
Broad range of businesses and its scales.

Is there a problem to be solved with the growth hack of mobile apps?

User engagement does not increase, conversion rate does not increase, PDCA cycle does not turn.
Repro makes mobile apps user acquisition more efficient, it is easy to analyze and growth hack.

Quantitative analytics

Funnel Analytics, Retention Analytics and many other Analytics can find the problem of your mobile apps.

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Qualitative analytics

Analyze the user behavior of your mobile apps with animation, and you can find the problem of your mobile apps which can not be found by Quantitative Analytics.

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Push Notifications

Targeting, rich push, periodic delivery can be easily performed from the result of Quantitative analytics, and the retention rate can be improved.

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In-App Messaging

Improve billing rate with targeting from the result of Quantitative analytics, appropriate communication with your mobile apps users.

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Using the results of Quantitative analytics, you can reach users with efficient targeting of ads.

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Repro supports growth hack of your mobile apps

User Acquisition

User Acquisition by Ads Tracking ID

With click-based advertising, as bidding increases for mobile apps developer, bidding continues to rise, optimization with appropriate targeting is important.In Repro, you can extract IDFA and AAID of a specific user from Quantitative analytics result and target it with Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, DSP etc.

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Discover Issues

Quantitative analytics Find "magic number"

In order to enhance engagement of new users, finding and improving "magic number" is a shortcut to succeed in applications.In Repro, you can easily check the number of times a user who executed a specific event has visited again and identify the magic number.You can find problems to improve engagement and conversion rate with 4 Quantitative analytics.

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Qualitative analytics based on "animation" can identify and improve the cause of the exit point

In Repro, you can use the analytics function of animation to check why the user left the application.

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Improve Retention Rate and Conversion Rate

Improve user Retention Rate with Push Notifications

In Repro, you can optimize push Notifications and improve retention rate based on the result of Retention Analytics.

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Improve Conversion Rate with In-app Message

In Repro, you can optimize In-app Message and improve billing rate based on the result of Funnel Analytics.

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Take their word for it.

After looking at user recordings, I had a deeper understanding of what was lacking from the app. Especially so for mobile, I was not able to get the same level of understanding from just quantitative analytics. It’s the details that you can’t get from just numbers, that makes User Recordings so valuable.


In order to give our users a value-added experience, we are always focused improving our service. The advance features like Retention analytics and User Recordings lets us find and get rid of user obstacles.


Try the Repro SDK

For iOS and Android. It's simple. It's free.


Install Repro by adding the SDK and one line of code to your app.


Users' camera and microphone are never activated without their consent, and users can easily mask personal information.


Repro's SDK has one of the lowest footprints, CPU utilization and memory usage in the industry.

Custom-tailored plans just for your app

Repro’s fee depends on the type of app, number of active users and usage volume of campaign and video features. After a quick consultation, we will custom-tailor a suitable pricing and usage plan specially for your app. We also provide growth-hacking support and consultation, so reach out to us today to take your app to the next level.