In-App Message

Based on the results of Quantitative Analysis you can deliver In-App Message to improve conversion rate


Repro is installed in mobile apps all over the world.
Broad range of businesses and its scales.

Is there such a problem to be solved about the growth of your mobile apps?

Retention rate and conversion rate don't improve. Improvement of In-App Message is slow

With Repro, it is possible to set up and distribute the pop-up from analytical screen, and improve the retention rate and the conversion rate without any development.

Based on the results of quantitative analysis, you can deliver In-App messages

From the user behavior, you can deliver campaign offers and coupons.

Easy to look back on the result of In-App Message

We can easily check the result of In-App Message, so you can accelerate the growth of your mobile apps.

For details on Analytics

In-App Message can also be used for review request

With In-App Message, you can request application reviews at the right time.

More Features

User Behavior Defines Delivery

Notifications can be sent only to users who’ve done specific actions, such as following someone or sharing something.

Scheduled Delivery

Push notifications can be scheduled to be deliver to your users at the best times

Result Measurement

See statistics of users who responded to your measurement to plan your next course of action.

Custom Message

Deliver the right combination of text, image and action button to user segments for the most effective campaign.

Multiple Message Types

Messages can be chosen from variety of designs; the standard overlay or dialog. Additional types to be released soon.

Custom Actions

Choose what the users see after clicking the action button in the notification, like a webpage or even another part of your app.

Take their word for it.

After looking at user recordings, I had a deeper understanding of what was lacking from the app. Especially so for mobile, I was not able to get the same level of understanding from just quantitative analytics. It’s the details that you can’t get from just numbers, that makes User Recordings so valuable.


In order to give our users a value-added experience, we are always focused improving our service. The advance features like Retention analytics and User Recordings lets us find and get rid of user obstacles.


Try the Repro SDK

For iOS and Android. It's simple. It's free.


Install Repro by adding the SDK and one line of code to your app.


Users' camera and microphone are never activated without their consent, and users can easily mask personal information.


Repro's SDK has one of the lowest footprints, CPU utilization and memory usage in the industry.

Custom-tailored plans just for your app

Repro’s fee depends on the type of app, number of active users and usage volume of campaign and video features. After a quick consultation, we will custom-tailor a suitable pricing and usage plan specially for your app. We also provide growth-hacking support and consultation, so reach out to us today to take your app to the next level.