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    Numbers, especially in mobile, don't give you the whole story. Repro's visual recordings gives us a much better sense of where our apps need improvement. This is priceless.
    Taku Harada, CEO of Peatix
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    Repro has given us all the tools we need to continuously learn from our users and improve the product.
    Takuya Moriguchi, CEO of ALTR THINK
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Growth Hacking

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Target Dropped-off Users from Analytics

Funnel chart allows you to find out where users are dropping off, and you can target those users with just a click.

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Create a Custom Message for Your Target Users

Create a custom message using the real-time preview, which will be then sent to the segment of users from the funnel.

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Get Better Retention & Conversion Rate with Messages

Send push notifications to make users come back to your app, or deliver in-app messages to lead them towards your conversion goals. Results can be seen from the analytics anytime.

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Try the Repro SDK for iOS and Android.
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Install Repro by adding the SDK and one line of code to your app.

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You can easily mask personal information to keep your users' privacy at all times.

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Repro's SDK has one of the lowest footprints, CPU utilization and memory usage in the industry.

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Why are some users dropping out of the funnel and not others?

Compare videos of users who convert with those who drop to identify and fix problems in the funnel.

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Which user actions correlate to retention?

Track and analyze cohorts to determine which sequence of user action, in what time frame, at what frequency, results in retention.

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Did a design change or new feature add value?

Access the value of product changes by monitoring KPIs defined by specific events and event counts.

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Custom-tailored plans just for your app

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Considering using Repro for your business?

Repro’s fee depends on the type of app, number of active users and usage volume of campaign and video features. After a quick consultation, we will custom-tailor a suitable pricing and usage plan specially for your app. We also provide growth-hacking support and consultation, so reach out to us today to take your app to the next level.

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